Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Break

Last week Kyle was off for spring break! It was a nice surprise to have him home!

I was all set to spend the break doing lots of fun family activities, but truth be told we spent most of the time catching up on house projects and working on business projects. I spent one afternoon searching for family friendly activities that would be good during the winter and reasonably priced…and I came up with very little. Not because there is a lack of activities, but because of our current stage. As we jokingly say we have the bigs and the little and there's not much we can do with all 3. So, one of us takes the 2 big kids and does an activity (whether at home or away) and the other parent stays with the baby. It's not ideal and I know it will all too quickly come to an end, but it's difficult right now. This whole 3rd child thing is no joke! Maybe we need to have another to even things out ;) Or maybe we just need warmer weather so we can all go outside!

In the end I just had to let it go and remember to enjoy the stage we are in…so we decided to go out for dessert and the kids chose…Chick-fil-a…not my 1st choice, but they were ecstatic. Sometimes I just have to remember it's the little things…

Other things we did during spring break 2015:
Sawyer still had school
Nora had her 1st gymnastics class (more on that in another post)
Daddy date to the movies for the 2 big kids
Kyle built a cornice board over 16 feet in length
Kristen upholstered and added nail head trim to the cornice board
Babysat for others
Worked on Kolter's birthday party
Played lots of games with Daddy
Kristen worked one day (at my contract job)
Kolter had a well child visit (more to come in his 12 month post)
Date night for Daddy and Mommy

So, lots of normal everyday things, but it's always nice to have daddy around more!

Daddy snuggles
Nora waiting at Kolter's Dr appointment
taking a bath all by himself…that never happens
those beautiful blue eyes

increasing his flexibility at Chick-fil-a

Date night!
creating mischief

Kyle's 16.5 foot cornice board
Upholstered cornice board
the finished product with nailhead trim

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