Friday, April 25, 2014

The Week with Help {Take 2}

Mema came to meet Kolter and to help us survive :) She was a wonderful help cooking, cleaning, taking care of the big kids and of course cuddling Kolter.

Mema brought an egg dying kit and the kids had fun making colored creations.

Sawyer loved his eggs so much he gave them a hug
 Mema also made cookies with the kids. The kids had fun and we all enjoyed the deliciousness.

 Of course there was lots of time spent cuddling Kolter. He really likes to be held and talked too, so Grandma obliged.

We also had an Easter egg hunt.
Sawyer loved his Spiderman hat from his basket

 Checking out what was in the eggs.

Everyone was so happy Grandma was here!

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