Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nursery Corner

This is our 4th version of a nursery ;) And each time the actual "nursery" part of the room gets smaller. A few things have remained constant in each iteration of the nursery: the crib and the bedding. 

In all honesty this "nursery" wasn't completed until Evy was 4 months old (4th child problems)

When Evy arrived and we determined she was a girl we knew she would be sharing a room with Nora. So here's a peek at the girl's room!

Someday we hope to get them matching twin beds...that's why Nora's bed is currently just mattresses on the floor ;)

We went with the same color scheme as Nora's room in Ohio: gray, yellow, light blue and coral.

The nursery corner consists of the crib, a few wall hangings and a mobile that Nora and I created.

Their dresser and gallery wall...thankfully their names both start with "E"
The canvas painting is a Nora original that she painted for Evy it features a rainbow, sun, clouds and in the bottom right corner a picture of her holding the baby.

The hanging wooden mobile painted to coordinate with the room colors.

This room serves many functions: sleeping, stuffed animal playing, hair doing (check out Nora's hair/mirror station), jewelry making, doll playing, etc.

Below are a few shots from the summer (before the baby arrived) when we were creating our works of art for the room.

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