Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween Hodge Podge

Look at that pose!
Pretty, pretty ballerina
Superman disguised as Clark Kent

our sweet dalmatian puppy

We had all kinds of halloween fun throughout the month...

Iron Man, Clark Kent, a dalmatian and a ballerina ready to start the trick or treating fun!

My superheroes

My lovely ladies

What Evy did during most of the evening
On Halloween Kyle had to work, so I took the kids out. Our neighborhood is mostly elderly people so not a whole lot of participation. We went to a Trunk-or-Treat at a neighborhood church. The kids loved all the games. Then we wrapped up the evening walking around the neighborhood.

A few weeks before Halloween we went to a little downtown festival by SNU. The kids had fun collecting candy and playing games.
Kolter with his superhero…Superman

We also tried on costumes and painted/carved pumpkins.

Sawyer insisted on carving a pumpkin while the other kids painted. We learned an important lesson in the OK heat you can't carve the pumpkins until you are within a few day of Halloween. They won't make it :(

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